An Online Journey Through Northern Lebanon

My visit to Northern Lebanon was certainly a big change from the busy and noisy city streets, for I had entered another world, an isolated,snowy,and cultural world, and you’re going to follow me!

Let’s start with the vivid city Byblos! From dazzling ports to ancient forts, Byblos is the place to go!



Here is the old and exquisite port in Byblos; fishermen and plenty of tourist-attracting boats!


We reach the Pepe Museum! Pepe was a really important fisherman and this restaurant/museum is dedicated to him.


Here is the Poor Mother, a beautiful attraction that is based on the house and garden of an old and poor woman. It depicts how old women live and includes many other attractions.


Ah,yes! The new Christmas tree in the center of this beautiful city. It was declared the second most beautiful Christmas tree in the world. This is the Christmas tree inside and out.



Alas! The well known Byblos antique shops. It probably could reach kilometers of length and walking through it is quite amazing!

We’re  done for now. But my next place will take you heights up!

Faraya! A beautiful place to go skiing or probably read a book way up in the mountains!


Faraya is a wonderful place for a vacation, especially on the new year; thousands of people gather in the heart of the city in night clubs, houses, and even in the streets!


Now you’re far far away from sea level. In the mountains rests the largest cross in the world!



The main attraction, SNOW!

I hope you enjoyed your journey! But now its time to descend back to the city. Thank you for your visit!